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Reimagine boat ownership


Through our partnership with Anchor Yacht Rentals, we offer a turnkey charter & yacht management program. Our aim is to keep your boat in tip-top shape while offsetting those costs with charter revenue. We specialize in day charters, so any vessel between 40' - 100' can benefit from our program.

We can also help you explore the massive tax benefits when purchasing your boat or yacht. Most owners are able to write off the full purchase price of their vessel, oftentimes in year 1. We have partnered with a world class CPA firm to evaluate each owner's individual situation and maximize the tax benefits allowed by the IRS.

Lastly, we have the only per-use charter insurance on the planet, so you won't have to pay up front for additional coverage. Ask about AnchorCover today.

If you're a boat owner wanting to learn more chartering your boat, send us an email at

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